John Lennon’s “Mind Games” Meditation Mixes are in the Works

Nine mixes of the Lennon track are included

John Lennon’s estate with the help of his son Sean Ono Lennon and Lumenate app have partnered in creating a series of meditation mixes, developed from the legend’s 1973 track “Mind Games.”

As per reports, the project has been developed to help people reach a relaxed, meditative state, and “help guide your mind into deeper states of consciousness.”

In the newly transformed mixes, various sound design techniques and processes have been applied to the original 1973 recordings by late Beatles member John Lennon and, in some instances, have been enhanced with additional instrumentation from producer Sean Ono Lennon.

John Lennon’s "Mind Games" Meditation Mixes are in the Works | News | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The song was written by Lennon after reading the 1972 book Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space, by Robert Masters and Jean Houston, which offered brain training exercises to help people take a more positive outlook. The song then came as the title track for the album of the same name and has gone on to become a cult classic.

“John was trying to convey the message that we all play mind games. But if we can play mind games, why not make a positive future with it – to be a positive mind game? ‘Mind Games’ is such an incredibly strong song,” said Yoko Ono of the track. “At the time, people didn’t quite get the message because this was before its time. Now, people would understand it. I don’t think in those days people knew they were playing mind games anyway.”

The app works by using the flashlight on the back of the user’s smartphone, which is strobed carefully onto their closed eyes to guide them into a state of consciousness between deep meditation and psychedelics.

Nine mixes of the Lennon track are included, and each comes paired with “a unique, deeply immersive light sequence”, to allow users to “users to see, hear and feel the music like never before.”

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