Indie Favorites the Pixies to Reissue their BBC Sessions in Multi-formats

One of the more inventive indie rockers in the late '80s and '90s

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Pixies established themselves as one of the more inventive indie rockers and quickly became favorites both with the critics and the audience.

Now, the re-formed band is set to reissue their sessions of BBC titled Pixies at the BBC, 1988-91. The sessions, recorded first for John Peel (five of them) and then one for Mark Goodier,  will be released for the first time on vinyl, but also as a double CD and in HD digital audio. All will be available on March 8, 2024.

Among the twenty-four tracks they recorded in this period (including two doubles – “Allison” and “Wave of Mutilation”) are favorites from the mini-album Come on Pilgrim and three of their four 4AD studio albums. Also recorded were three covers; reworks of The Beatles’ “Wild Honey Pie”, Eraserhead’s “(In Heaven) Lady in the Radiator Song” and The Beach Boys’ “Hang On To Your Ego – a track Black Francis covered a few years later on his debut Frank Black solo album.

Pixies at the BBC, 1988-91 is available for pre-order from the 4AD store here.


John Peel Session 3rd May 1988 
1. Levitate Me
2. Hey
3. In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
4. Wild Honey Pie
5. Caribou 

John Peel Session 9th October 1988 
6. Dead
7. Tame 
8. There Goes My Gun 
9. Manta Ray 

John Peel Session 16th April 1989 
10. Down To The Well
11. Into The White
12. Wave Of Mutilation

John Peel Session 11th June 1990 
13. Allison
14. Velouria 
15. Hang On To Your Ego 
16. Is She Weird

Mark Goodier Session 18th August 1990 
17. Monkey Gone To Heaven
18. Ana 
19. Allison 
20. Wave Of Mutilation

John Peel Session 23rd June 1991 
21. Palace Of The Brine
22. Letter To Memphis
23. Motorway To Roswell 
24. Subbacultcha

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