Bruce Springsteen is Working on a New Movie Based on His Pivotal Album ‘Nebraska’

Would be a collaboration with director-writer Scott Cooper

According to sources cited by the Showbiz 411 site, Bruce Springsteen has been consulting on a possible movie about the making of his watershed 1982 album, Nebraska.

It would be a collaboration with director-writer Scott Cooper, whose six terrific films include Crazy Heart, about a washed-up country singer. Jeff Bridges won the 2010 Oscar for starring in that one, the movie also won Best Song. Maggie Gyllenhaal was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

The Nebraska album itself was a set of demos set to be an E Street band rock collection, turned into a group of stark solo recordings. But songs that didn’t make the cut went on to be the basis of another landmark ― 1984’s “Born in the USA.”

The site adds that the songs were recorded on a four-track tape recorder in Springsteen’s bedroom in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Bruce was 32, and going through a bout of depression he described later as “sludge.” He’d just screened Terence Malick’s classic 1973 film, Badlands, which wound up inspiring many of the songs including one about serial killer Charles Starkweather.

More details have yet to be revealed.

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