Bob Dylan’s Whiskey Distillery to Open its Doors in Autumn 2023

That is when Dylan’s 'Heaven’s Door' will open

It was big news when Bob Dylan announced that he prepared a whiskey brand named Heaven’s Door, a joint venture with Spirits Investment Partners. Its bourbon has drawn positive reviews and won awards in recent years. And now, as a number of sources report, the distillery is set to open its doors in the Kentucky town of Pleasureville later this year.

It’s one of two new spaces that Heaven’s Door will open to the public; the other will occupy a former church situated in downtown Louisville and will incorporate a music venue.

“We selected this location for its remarkable natural beauty and unique ecosystem that has enabled us to make exceptional bourbon and create an unrivaled visitor experience,” said the company’s CEO, Marc Bushala, in a statement.

The site includes several buildings that date back to the 18th century, including a grist mill and two cabins. They have been restored as part of the process of getting the distillery prepared for visitors, which is estimated to take place in September 2023. Heaven’s Door is also making use of various sustainable practices, including growing grain and making use of geothermal cooling systems for the buildings on the site.

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