Music Biopic Rush Continues With ‘Midas Man,’ About The Beatles And Their Famed Manager

The focus of the film will be on Brian Epstein

In the wake of the just-released Get Back, the seven and a half-hour documentary about The Beatles‘ last public appearance, comes the announcement about a new “Fab Four” music biopic titled Midas Man.

As a number of news sources report, the focus of the new film will be on the band’s mercurial manager, Brian Epstein.

Epstein was the band’s manager from 1962-1967; he initially spotted John, Paul, George, and former drummer Pete Best performing in their hometown of Liverpool in the iconic Cavern Club.

Sprucing up their image into a chic, clean-cut outfit, he oversaw their rise to global stardom as they took America by storm.

Once The Beatles were the biggest band in the world, he handled their business affairs whilst spotting new talent to add to his management team.

His tenure as manager of The Beatles would end when he sadly died over an accidental overdose in 1967.

English actor Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, known for his role as Townes in Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit has been cast in the lead role as Epstein.

Former US late-night show host Jay Leno will play fellow television icon Ed Sullivan, and The Beatles’ record producer George Martin will be portrayed by Charley Palmer Rothwell.

Taking up the roles of John Lennon and Paul McCartney are up-and-comers Jonah Lees and Blake Richardson.

George Harrison will be played by Leo Harvey Elledge, and drummer Ringo Starr will be played by Campbell Wallace.

The filming has just started, and at the moment there is no release date set.

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