An English attic turns out to be a ‘treasure trove’ of lost music

An English broadcaster and journalist finds a big surprise

Dave Mason (not the legendary member of Traffic and solo artist) decided to spend some time during lockdown to clear his attic in the well-known English city of Bath. What he found was “a treasure trove” of music which includes some of the biggest names of the ’80s and ’90s.

Mason told the local daily that “[b]efore moving back to the West, I presented on radio stations in the North of England, where we invited major and emerging chart acts to play acoustically for my specialist show.”

“I found dozens of forgotten old reel to reel tapes containing songs, covers, parodies and eye-opening interviews. It really is a treasure trove of material, some from artists who are no longer with us.”

According to the daily Bath Echo, more than thirty reel-to-reel analogue tapes were found, many of which were in the loft, while others were found in the back of Dave’s shed, resulting in them being in poor condition. A collection of interviews with performers including Noel Gallagher, Robbie Williams, and Bath band Tears For Fears were also unearthed.

Thanks to an expert at a remastering and tape transfer studio in Weston- super-Mare coming to the rescue, the recordings have been restored to their former broadcast glory, revealing early recordings by bands such as Blur, The Corrs, Suede, and artists including Alison Moyet and the late Kirsty MacColl.

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