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Listening habits show that albums aren’t a lost art form yet

So says research by one of music's big streaming services

Deezer is one of the largest streaming services around at the moment and it certainly lives off playlists.

But, as British audiophile publication What Hi-Fi? (WHIFI) reports, recent Deezer research points out that music albums are still not a lost art form. Rainnews.com adds that the survey covered 8,000 people from the U.S., France, Germany, and Brazil.

Deezer conducted its research on a global level and its first conclusion was that yes, playlists currently dominate listening habits of most listeners. According to it, “over half of us admit to listening to fewer albums than 5-10 years ago. Instead, 40% now prefer the convenience of a playlist.”

But according to Frédéric Antelme, Deezer’s VP Content and Productions, albums are not on its way out yet. “Life is busy, so it’s no surprise that more music fans turn to playlists for their music fix. But listeners shouldn’t ditch albums. They represent the artist’s vision, tell a story and take you on a musical journey.”

WHIFI notes that Deezer’s research showed “that people are listening, on average, to a healthy five albums per month. More surprisingly, the study found that tech-savvy millennials – a generation weaned on the delights of music downloads – are discovering the joys of listening to a carefully curated album. In fact, Deezer says that millennials are ‘twice as likely as baby boomers’ to deep-dive into albums.”

Deezer found that, “94% of participants said that higher audio quality was the most important feature for album listening. In short, more of us are seeking deeper listening experiences when audio is available in higher quality.” As Antelme underlines, “the small details matter and high-fidelity sound brings that out.”

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