In Defense of Jussie, Y’all Shoulda Seen This S*** Coming

Let’s examine the Jussie Smollett situation and place the bulk of the blame where it properly belongs… with the overeager and over emotional individuals who enabled this nonsense by being willing to jump at the scent of any agenda reinforcing controversy – no matter how shaky the facts may be.

Agree or not, sound off in the comments and let’s have a discussion.

  1. I had the same exact feeling when we started hearing his version of the story and what he told police along with the timeline of events, it just couldnt pass the smell test. Not only did it sound produced to hit all of his preferred targets of hate, but just way too many details were unlikely to ever really happen even if each individual action is possible on its own, smashing 10 unlikely happenings together in one convenient story was the final trigger for me. Honestly his lack of visible wounds was another dead giveaway because two people who waited for you in the freezing cold night, who hate you enough to assault you and had the time to put a rope around your neck and pour bleach on you are not just going to leave you with a tiny scratch on your cheek if you are going to tell the story like it was a brutal 2 vs 1 beat down. And then they just decide to stop and run away yelling maga country?

    But ofcourse i also wasnt stupid enough to say these things out loud at the time and im sure most people, who jumped up to support him and give their stump speeches on condemning these nationalist white supremacists, knew better than to utter a word of doubt for his story or face being demolished publicly and turned into a human sacrifice on the altar of tollerance. But im sure a lot of those people took as just an opportunity to look good on camera.

  2. It’s just a spectacular backfiring of anti-white racism in a country that was authored by white people. Everyone who isn’t an anti-white racist can see just how rabid they are, and how desperate they are to destroy the European element in America. We can all see who is on the offensive here. Anti-white racism is endemic in the media and especially in the leftwing fantasy-socialist supporting side of it. We can all see it. White people now kmow en mass that they are hated and that people are willing to sink to the very lowest of the low to try and destroy them in their own nations. I don’t really know what the outcome of all this will be, but the reality is that white people now have grounds for believing that they are under direct ethnoracial assault and will be forced to defend themselves.

    1. Lol that didn’t take long. Was expecting at least one of these. You really proved my point even more. I may have went hard at Jussie and the people who blindly supported him without even taking the time to critically think about the story/sequence of events he told or straight up ignored the obvious logical holes entirely, and some (keyword there) may have done so to push an agenda, BUT I don’t see any difference between them and people who push lame ass agendas like the one you’re pushing here. You’re all cut from the same deluded, simplistic, disingenuous, self-centered cloth, and the fact that you were so eager to jump onto this (as I’m sure you’ve done all over the internet) really just proves my larger point about how almost laughable the conversation about serious topics has gotten. I wonder if you put this same energy into the very real white nationalist coast guard who was stopped before he could kill who knows how many innocent people? Serious question btw.

      This idea that white people are under assault is asinine and you sound just as emotionally weak as the many people I’m sure you’ve called a snowflake. If this is your proof of a direct assault against the color of your skin then the world must be a truly big and scary place for you, and I truly feel sorry for you and the way you view the world. The outcome of this will be that Jussie and those who bent over backwards to support him in the face of everything will be shamed, the news cycle will move on, hopefully nobody tries some dumbass shit like this again, and you’ll still be safe in your ideological bubble.

      Now as fun as this was, you come back when you want to have a real grown up discussion and when you don’t have to hide behind a fake username and default avatar. Thanks for checking out the piece though!

      BTW you should try defining your own idea of self outside of arbitrary things you have no control over. Life will be more enjoyable, trust me.


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