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IMDb’s ‘You’re Not a Monster’ is Here for Your Halloween Health

When the moon’s out, the doctor’s in.

Are you a horror fan who needs a quick pre-Halloween binger? Lucky for you, IMDb has premiered its first original series, Frank Lesser’s You’re Not a Monster. It’s ten four-minute episodes with a spookily charming premise: Supernatural beings need therapy too. When the moon’s out, the doctor’s in.

TV legend Kelsey Grammer plays John, the sophisticated psychologist-vampire we all hope Frasier has become. He’s given the centuries’ old practice to his nephew Max, played by Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet. Max counsels beings of all kinds, from zombies to poltergeists…as long as they’re inhuman and have coverage. Patients check in with Nia, played by Aparna Nancherla, former-sex-demon receptionist.

In-between cameos from Amy Sedaris and Patton Oswalt, the plot progresses through Max’s continued longing for his human ex-girlfriend and Nia’s unrequited love for Max. These two plot-drivers, plus the ever-flowing stream of millennial monsters, allows viewers to become personally involved in the show within the span of a few short episodes.

Recognizable Monster Tropes and Quick-Witted Dialogue

You’re Not a Monster must be celebrated primarily for its modernization of classic horror fiends. With recognizable monster tropes and quick-witted dialogue, Lesser has animated the adult version of popular family comedies Hotel Transylvania and, most recently, The Addams Family. Freddie Krueger puts the doctor to sleep while discussing an article in The New Yorker. Angry mobs “roast” Frankenstein’s monster for cultural appropriation.

Like its child comedy predecessors, Frank Lesser’s You’re Not a Monster slaughters all stereotypes. These days its all about wellness – everyone, even monsters, need self-esteem boosts. We’re all the same. And we’re all dying to know what happens in the show’s next coming season.

So, do something for yourself. Enjoying a relaxing, humorous, mental health day with your favorite creepy weirdos.

Click here to stream You’re Not a Monster for free on IMDb.

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