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Mixed Media


Marilyn Narota | PRESENTS

Marilyn Narota is a mixed media and performance artist by way of Queens, NY and she sits down to talk about the role of formal art education, the importance of hair in her artwork, her online magazine, Artilade, which looks to combine art and literature, and much more....
AnnaLiisa Ariosa-Benston | PRESENTS | Features | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

AnnaLiisa Ariosa-Benston | PRESENTS

AnnaLiisa Ariosa-Benston (aka FAMOUSONMARS) is an installation artist, director, and curator who makes interactive installations out of New York and she sat down to talk in-depth with us about political art, feminism, curating shows, her wildly unique pop-up curation/concept stores for here FAMOUSONMARS brand, and much much more....
Christie Neptune | "Unpacking Sameness" | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Christie Neptune | “Unpacking Sameness”

Christie Neptune presents us with 'Unpacking Sameness,' a solo exhibition at NURTUREart gallery that investigates how constructs of race, gender, and class limit the personal experiences of historically marginalized and stigmatized individuals. Check out our full gallery of shots from our visit to the exhibition....
Cautious optimism for Black Panther, untraining your creative mind, and the themes of body perception and mental conditioning in Marvin Touré's art work | Podcasts | The Fearless Show | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Cautious optimism for Black Panther, untraining your creative mind, and the themes of Marvin Touré’s art work

Shit gets real in this episode as we speak to Marvin Touré about his upcoming art work, the influences of his West African heritage and being a first-generation immigrant, and his cautious optimism about Marvel's upcoming Black Panther film. We also dive deep into an artist's struggle to convey his own life and perspective while still leaving room for interpretation from a larger audience, untraining your mind after years of traditional schooling, the themes of the racial undertones of body perception, mental conditioning, and the mentality towards art in West Africa compared to the traditional Western context. Needless to say we dive deep....
Delano Dunn | PRESENTS

Delano Dunn | PRESENTS

Delano Dunn is an up and coming artist out of NY by way of Los Angeles, California who specializes in mixed media collages. He sat down to talk with us about gaining confidence and embracing being an artist, the meaning behind some of his unique materials, the audience response and interpretation of his work, the influence of Albrecht Durer, and his drive to explore ideas of racial identity, perception, and representation in our society....

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