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Kaitlyn Daniel

Unmasking Phasma: The Future of Star Wars | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Unmasking Phasma: The Future of Star Wars

Journey into the life of Captain Phasma and discover how she represents the evolution of the beloved Star Wars franchise. On screen (December 2015) we were only given a taste of her personality, her potential within the franchise. However, like many Star Wars fans, I was left wanting more… Captain Phasma! Discover how a character who appears in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens for less than five minutes is shaking up the Star Wars culture! What can we expect from Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi?...
The Orville: An Innovative New Sitcom | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

The Orville: An Innovative New Sitcom

Imagine a TV show that provides ebullient comedy while artfully teasing your brain, all in the span of an hour. A sitcom that uses comedy and science fiction in tandem to discuss major issues troubling our society today. If you are looking for a show that makes you laugh, yet challenges how you view your own society and culture, then I highly recommend you try Fox’s new series, "The Orville!" ...

Gender Constraints in a Genderless Reality: “The Book of Joan”

Imagine a world where people are no longer compelled to meet the expectations of their biological sex. Women no longer feel pressured to marry, obligated to be mothers, or compelled to be homemakers. Men are no longer pressured to be breadwinners or to meet masculine expectations set by our society...why does this world have to be imagined? Lydia Yuknavitch eloquently explores this in her latest sci-fi novel, Book of Joan....

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