Syd Barret’s Album Cover Floorboards is Up for Auction

From the cover of his 1968 solo debut, The Madcap Laughs

When memorabilia from known rock stars or cult figures is concerned, almost anything can be of interest to fans and end up at an auction.

This time around, fans of Pink Floyd and the late Syd Barrett might be interested that the orange and blue floorboards found in the room where Syd Barrett was photographed for the cover of his 1968 solo debut, The Madcap Laughs, are going up for auction.

These floorboards were actually from Barrett’s bedroom at the time in London’s Wetherby Mansions, and he painted the boards himself with help from Evelyn Rose, who appeared nude on the back cover.

There are approximately 70 floorboard planks in total, each about three meters in length. They are being auctioned as a set, and are valued at £5,000 ($6,347.52) – £10,000 ($12,695.05) according to Omega Auctions. The auction is July 2nd and if you’re in the London area you can make an appointment to see them.

As reports note, that cover photo was shot by legendary photographer Mick Rock who later recalled, “When I arrived for The Madcap Laughs photo session, Syd was still in his underpants when he opened the door. He’d totally forgotten about the session and fell about laughing. His lady friend of two weeks, ‘Iggy the Eskimo’ was naked in the kitchen making coffee. She didn’t mind either.  They both laughed a lot and it was a magical session.”

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