Watch the Trailer for New Indie Horror Film ‘Queen Rising’

Available on VOD June 18, 2024

This month will see the release of an interesting new indie thriller titled Queen Rising, and you can now watch its new trailer.

The Plot

Queen Rising follows a young woman, Madison, who’s on the brink of losing everything. Struggling to make ends meet as a school teacher, Madison is approached with a life-changing opportunity: to turn her dark past into a thriller novel. Skeptically, Madison accepts, and dives into her history of a once terrorized community during the “College Town Slayings”.

As her trauma unfolds, Madison discovers unsettling connections and soon realizes her past may not be as dormant as she once believed. With the specter of danger looming over her, she must confront the demons to secure her future, navigating a treacherous journey of redemption and self-discovery where the line between fiction and reality blurs.

Queen Rising is directed and produced by Princeton James. Written by Allison Chaney and Henry E. Reaves III. Produced by Emily James, Mitch Martin, and May Todd. Executive produced by Reaves III. Edited by Martin. Cinematograpy by Jordan Danelz. A Nero Studios production. An Enhanced Media production.

This upcoming horror flick will be available on Video On Demand, June 18, 2024. Will you check this one out?

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