Toronto’s The Anti-Queens Drop Anthemic New Album “Disenchanted”

For Fans Of: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Distillers, Hole, L7, Lunachicks, The Warning

The Anti-Queens, Toronto’s premiere punk rock ‘n’ rollers, have just released their latest LP, Disenchanted, with an accompanying video for the track “Overthinking”. The new album appears worldwide on digital and vinyl formats via Stomp Records.

For over a decade, The Anti-Queens have been a prominent force in Toronto’s music scene. The band is led by the fiercely talented and dynamic duo of Emily Bones and Valerie Knox, who bring a punk-rock energy that challenges the male-dominated music industry. Known for their electrifying live performances, they’ve gained a reputation for their unstoppable energy and powerful stage presence.

The Anti-Queen’s latest album Disenchanted, recorded at Drive Studios in Toronto by Steve Rizun and Dave Baksh, continues their tradition of crafting infectious, hook-laden anthems that will surely delight fans of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Distillers, Hole, L7, Lunachicks, and The Warning. Written by Emily Bones and Valerie Knox over the course of the pandemic, this album is a conscious meeting of vulnerability, self reflection, and finding one’s self worth and motivation to attack what life throws at you head-on. As the band says: Nothing is held back and everything is on the table. Disenchanted, light and dark, bright and dreary. Magical and kinda sad.

The captivating new music video for “Overthinking” was directed by Michael Crusty and Valerie Knox and produced by Crusty Media. Filmed by Michael Crusty, Sarah Mathieson, and edited by Michael Crusty, the video stars Emily Bones, Valerie Knox, Michael Crusty, Zoe McMillan, Ivy Bones, and Maggie Knox. Shot against the picturesque backdrop of Uxbridge, ON in August 2023, the outdoor scenes radiate with the warmth of carefree summer days, perfectly embodying the song’s theme of navigating the mental labyrinth of overthinking.

The band reflects “’Overthinking’ is about the mental spiral of stressing over things that are beyond our control. We wanted the music video to visually echo this theme. The summer scenes are meant to capture that carefree happiness you feel when spending a warm, sunny day playing with your dog while in the company of a best friend.”

The juxtaposition of these joyful moments with the introspective indoor scenes, filmed in January 2024 at GS209 in Etobicoke, ON, captures the emotional depth of the track. “We shot the full-band segment in a brightly lit white room, opting for all-black attire to dramatically heighten the visual contrast and intensify the mood.” 

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