Spooky Mansion Release New Feel Good Single + Video “Weather”

A song about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Indie band Spooky Mansion are thrilled to share a brand new single “Weather” alongside an official music video. Grayson shares, “I wrote this song when my life was starting to get real good. It’s a song about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and running towards it. ‘Ya I’m gonna keep on getting high, high as I can go. And nothing in the whole damn world is gonna keep me down’. It’s a joyful song both lyrically and musically. I hope the listener feels the same joy as I feel singing it.”

Hailing from the Bay Area and helmed by singer/songwriter Grayson Converse, Spooky Mansion combines nostalgic rock & roll energy with hints of country, jazz, blues, and rock. Revered for their live show which commands fans to the dance floor, their celebratory and inclusive music fuse Americana & classic rock n’ roll with high energy, breezy surf vibes.

Despite what you may read, Spooky Mansion did not form at Owen Wilson’s surprise 45th birthday party, nor is it a collection of friends who worked together at a haunted house. Just like the origin of the band, Converse approaches their songs and their live shows with a smirk and a wink. Having just come off their recent tour supporting The Moss, the band has shared stages with notable acts such as Natalia LaFourcade and Cafe Tacuba. Their live show is a high energy, raucous affair, with long time players Rob Mills, Marty Reising and Braden Lyle all backing up Converse’s rickety rasp and yelpy vocals.

Are you vibing with Spooky Mansion’s “Weather”?

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