South African Folk-Rock Artist Tuelo Quiets the Noise with New Single “Green Light”

Sees Tuelo reckon with a fast-paced, ever-changing world

South African-born, NYC/Dublin-based folk-rock musician Tuelo shares hopeful, calming track & official video “Green Light” out everywhere now. The latest release sees Tuelo reckon with a fast-paced, ever-changing world as she attempts to maintain her sense of self and find brightness in the future. The artist’s bold second studio album Regarding My Heart is due out September 27th.

With her most refined, self-assured sound to date, Regarding My Heart is a sweeping sonic exploration of love, loss and loneliness that allows Tuelo to proudly re-introduce herself as she carves a space in folk-rock that is all her own.

Written in Belgium in 2018, the track poured out of the artist as she began to reckon with major life changes, relationships evolving or ending, and the pace at which life moves today, aiming to calm her mind in any way she could. Tuelo explains, “It’s like I needed to give myself the impetus to restart friendships, to reexamine relationships, to be at peace with a period of self inquiry and questioning the universe, and of calming the noise. It stems from the fact that I started walking straight into traffic in New York City, oblivious to things around me. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders without anyone to lean on. More than that, I started worrying that I would be involved in an actual accident if I couldn’t get my mind right.”

Ultimately, the track gives Tuelo the necessary space to quiet the outside noise and reassure herself of her path, desires and the brighter future ahead, acting as a crucial beacon of light. “There is so much stimulation, confusion and make-believe emerging, it felt urgent to be reminded to focus. Concentrate on the ‘Green Light’ – on good advice, on guidance, on the “everything is ok” sign.”

The track also chronicles Tuelo’s journey away from religion and its impact on her meaningful new relationship with herself, as well as music’s vital role in this. The artist says, “I found that I was even more focused on being good, doing right, listening and serving what is good and serving my spirit. Song is always part of my practice.” 

Are you vibing with “Green Light”?

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