Slenderbodies Return With New Introspective Single “Before”

An introspective and nostalgic journey of their upcoming album

Indie pop sensation slenderbodies have shared the release of their latest single, “before,” a captivating glimpse into the introspective and nostalgic journey of their upcoming fourth album, the sugar machine set to drop September 6.

slenderbodies, comprised of Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack, have spent the past two years delving deep into the wistfulness of lost youth and the fleeting moments we chase in pursuit of innocent euphoria. With “before,” they invite listeners to immerse themselves in an energetic, euphoric, and nostalgic new sound that stretches beyond the breezy, silky grooves of their original catalog.

“before” encapsulates the sensation of being more excited about anticipating an activity than the activity itself. It’s a poignant exploration of introspection, questioning whether this anticipation enhances or detracts from the present moment.

This single serves as a precursor to the sugar machine, an album that serves as a sonic embodiment of the melancholic nostalgia of growing older. slenderbodies describe it as a celebration and pursuit of child-like wonder, ignorance, and innocence, juxtaposed with the grief that accompanies chasing ignorant, innocent bliss. the sugar machine becomes a metaphor for the various ways people seek to access their younger, carefree selves – whether through creation or shedding inhibitions.

Are you vibing with “before”?

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