Singer/Storyteller Olive Louise Releases Dreamy New Single “No Medicine”

Blissful vocal melodies, dreamy lush sonics and chamber pop

NY confessional singer/storyteller Olive Louise has offered up her latest single + video “No Medicine.” The song features blissful vocal melodies, dreamy lush sonics and chamber pop infused keys. 

On the single she confides, “There’s no fix that can rid the world of pain or suffering. Nothing changes the fact that we are all here for a short time and are all doing what we can to feel like our time here means something. I often wish things in my own life had played out differently, and I often find myself afraid of what the future will bring.”

Olive Louise is the embodiment of ‘Don’t gild the Lily’. With production heavily laden in soaring strings and floating harmonies, her music has been associated with the dream pop, indie folk, and Americana genres.

With a past like hers one might expect her to be less of an open book after losing both of her parents before the age of 15. Instead, Olive’s poetic lyrics feel so intimate it’s as though she is speaking directly to you. “My father used to tell me, “you don’t paint apples red or flowers more vibrant” and that is always in the forefront of my mind. I don’t want my imperfections washed out. You can be soft and have grit.” 

Sporting a Victorian-like disheveled “au natural” look, her visual world is eerily nostalgic. “The events in my life have forced me through so many huge changes. I never could have seen my life going the way it has. It’s had a profound effect on what I resonate with. I understand not fitting in and moving around and trying to make sense of things without time to, and so that’s the imagery I’m drawn to and the music I write reflects my lived experience.” 

What do you think of “No Medicine” from Olive Louise?

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