Singer-Songwriter Rae Isla Shares New Single “New Frontier” Alongside Interactive Game

Play her original browser game alongside her new song

Singer-songwriter Rae Isla just shared her new single, “New Frontier.” The song is the title track from her upcoming album which arrives on July 19th. The song and album were produced by Isla with guitarist/composer Pablo Valero (formerly of Mexico City’s Santa Sabina).

“My new album almost wasn’t called ‘New Frontier’ because ‘New Frontier’ wasn’t written until far into the recording process,” shares Isla. “It was a Hail Mary that came out of desperation and extreme grief. I don’t think my songs are about one ‘thing’ because they usually arrive out of necessity from feelings that have built up over many life events. When it all came to a head, the song exploded from me like an oil well out of ‘There Will Be Blood.’ It was a stream of consciousness writing with piano and voice into my little laptop, a stark contrast between what we created in the studio. It’s the album’s ‘Pink Floyd moment’ where myself, Pablo Valero, and a group of some of Mexico’s finest musicians got to explore the outer limits of what a folk-rock record can be.”

To celebrate “New Frontier,” the fiercely independent Isla has updated her original browser game to include the song as well as new challenges as players guide a pixelated cowgirl across a side-scrolling desert landscape reminiscent of her own cross-country journey. The game is playable here.

Classically trained in cello, then studying voice as well as business at Berklee College of Music, Rae Isla began her journey as an independent musician in Brooklyn, NY, collaborating on early releases with producers Gianluca Buccellati (Lana Del Rey, Arlo Parks) and Garrett Eaton (Holly Miranda). She soon became a staple in NYC’s indie live music scene, while also co-producing and self-releasing her first EP and debut album, Another Life, the latter of which proved the 27th most added record in the world on NACC Charts upon its 2021 release. 

How are you feeling about “New Frontier”? Going to give the game a try?

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