Singer-Songwriter Ginger Winn Releases Enchanting Debut LP ‘Stop-Motion’

With Stop-Motion, Winn captures her life in snapshots

Singer-songwriter Ginger Winn has just shared her dreamy, enchanting debut album Stop-Motion. Alongside the release, Winn shared ethereal track and magical, fairy-filled official video for “Off Course.” With Stop-Motion, Winn captures her life in snapshots that allow her to take stock of her life, find meaning in herself and place in the world, and provide listeners with necessary refuge through soothing production and compassionate, warm lyricism.

Stop-Motion, the debut album by Ginger Winn is an alluring body of work that offers a bright glimmer of hope in an often bleak world. It captures the artist’s hopes, dreams and experiences as Winn explores her place in the world and who she might become. Winn recorded ten songs in 18 days with David Baron (The Lumineers, Noah Kahan, Shawn Mendes), at his own Sun Mountain Studios in Boiceville, NY.

Winn carefully crafted a body of work that encourages reflection, daydreaming and wonder while simultaneously confronting truths, no matter how difficult it may be. The collection, Winn says, “is a 27-minute carousel ride through a renaissance. You will fall in love, build your dreams, rip down reality, face your fears, reconnect with your inner child, and escape this world for a moment while reflecting on your place in it. A reminder to enjoy what you can, when you can, if you can because the carousel ride won’t last forever.”

“Off Course” provides escapists with a path towards self-discovery as it encourages listeners to slip away from the present moment and into a dream world of their making. Winn says, “It also serves as an invitation to the listener to join in on the escape–hop on this wild carousel ride and let go off course together to discover the journey we’ve been on all along. As the first song on the album, it sets the tone for every song that follows and introduces all the themes, textures, and ideas the listeners and I will explore together on ‘Stop-Motion.'”

Its accompanying video directed by Mikala Gallo and Brooklyn Zeh is the absorbing visual component to the dreamworld that Winn crafts with the track. On the video’s concept, Winn shares, “In the video, I’m happily pulled into an alternative magical reality by my fairy friends. I feel like my thoughts are pulling me away, in the same way, from what I feel stuck doing to what I’m supposed to be doing, and being surrounded by people who support and inspire me in this new path.”

Will you be giving Ginger Winn’s new album Stop-Motion a spin?

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