Psych Rock Qunitet ZEBEDEE Share Fuzzy New Track “For God’s Sake”

See ZEBEDEE live across NYC this Summer

Brooklyn-based psych rock quintet ZEBEDEE shares the first taste of their upcoming album with their energetic track “For God’s Sake,” alongside a whimsical music video. The band is set to play live across New York City this summer in June, July and August.

“For God’s Sake” recalls the freedom and innocence of growing up, in this case for the lead guitarist and vocalist Zebedee Row, in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Row shares on the track, “It reminds me of a simpler time in my life, where all you had to worry about was how intoxicated you were gonna get, and what couch you were sleeping on that night.”

The track’s accompanying playful video, shot in Maui, Hawaii, follows a strange man who finds himself causing a stir in Maui’s gated community. It was directed by Mook and Row and edited by Matthew Michael Ross. After getting an idea for the video while on a trip, the group completed the shoot in 24 hours. Van Mook recalls, “The process was super hectic and challenging, as people who work creatively with their partners may understand, but ultimately it was a fun and rewarding experience. Thanks to a brilliant edit from our friend Matthew Michael Ross, and the drive and determination to shoot this ourselves, we ended up with a video that we are all very proud of and excited to share!”

Their sophomore studio album Going Nowhere Fast is due out August 2 and available for pre-order now. The forthcoming sophomore project by ZEBEDEE, is an ode to the band’s love of neo-psych and desert rock sounds. Fuzzy guitar licks, glittering synths and post-punk drums merge to create a compelling, robust sound that is all their own. The songs were written by Row, and his wife and band’s guitarist Kelsey Van Mook who are able to channel their love and mutual understanding into their music. It was produced by GRAMMY award winning engineer Daniel Avila and recorded, mixed and mastered in Flux Recording Studios in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Are you vibing with “For God’s Sake”?

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