Progressive Art-Pop Duo Faux Real Deliver Bouncy New Single “Walk Away From My Demons”

Musing on society’s obsession with moving forward

“Never trust a thought that didn’t come by walking,” said Nietzsche, and this most essential human function is also the star of Faux Real’s wild new anthem, “Walking Away From My Demons.” Musing on society’s obsession with moving forward, and lining it with an earnest undertone, brothers Virgil and Elliott interlace and interject: “Every step I take is leading me to another bad decision” – as if the unavoidable conclusion to this forced march was personal doom.

The industrial sound palette echoes a perverse obsession with engineering feats made to propel us into a bright new era. In the accompanying video, Faux Real are angels in a concrete haven, counting their treadmill steps into oblivion/bliss. Their demonic counterparts whiz through a desolate LA wasteland on their Heelys™️, trying to corrupt those they encounter.

“Ultimately, ‘Walking Away From My Demons’ reads as a glow-up,” says Faux Real. “One step at a time, away from negative patterns and into a gleaming paradise of confidence and ripping bass riffs.”

True alternative jesters infiltrating the pop space, Faux Real continue to blur the line between the fake, the real, and the undeniable. Coming off a nonstop European tour that featured appearances at festivals like The Great Escape, Best Kept Secret, Wide Awake, and The Echo Festival, the duo was recently featured on electropop icons Metronomy’s new single “Contact High” alongside Franco-Korean artist Miki.

Faux Real’s long-awaited debut album, Faux Ever, is set to arrive at last via City Slang on Friday, October 11. The album sees the fraternal duo continuing to play on the outskirts of language and sound, exploring themes of heartbreak, labor, and the home with harmonies and humor, playful beats, and en franglais.

How are you feeling about this one?

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