Nashville’s J Duran Releases Debut Album ‘Introspect’

Produced by Cage The Elephant’s Brad Shultz

Kentucky-born songwriter J Duran has shared his debut album Introspect, available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide via Gold’n Retriever Entertainment. The album, produced by Cage the Elephant guitarist Brad Shultz, is packed full of delicious indie tracks like “Can’t Get High Enough” and its focus track “Keep it Real;” all of which are perfect for patio cocktails and string-lit picnic table dinners. It is the product of impulsiveness, ambition, anxiety, mania, insomnia, loneliness, frustration, and hope, all fused together into a truly sway-worthy 9 song package. 

“’Introspect ‘is an unintentional concept album that explores perspective just as well as it explores sonic possibilities,” says Duran. “I think it has a unique character and charm that differentiates it from other music that I’ve heard coming out recently. I think its honesty and confessional writing style can be easy to relate to and its melodies can often sneak into your ears and attach themselves.”

Ever since childhood, J Duran has had an ear for a catchy melody. His grandfather immersed him in old-school country and Motown tunes while his mother introduced the new wave scene and his father played the keyboard. And now it’s his turn to show off his own brand of indie rock talents with pop sensibilities.

On Introspect, J Duran blends classically catchy songwriting with an indie sound that varies from Beach House to Wilco to Vampire Weekend. Across an expansive and introspective (hence the title) nine songs, the album’s polish and songwriting prowess stretches far beyond what one would expect from a young artist’s solo debut. The sound of experience is no surprise for those who know the self-described introvert’s history though, as he penned his first songs at the age of 13 while growing up near Nashville before spending years touring with punk and garage rock bands. That time working with various other musicians led to a friendship with Brad Shultz, who ultimately asked to produce Introspect alongside engineer Jeremy Ferguson. 

“J’s ability to seamlessly blend genres, along with his lyrical depth and pop sensibility, is what makes him one of my favorite up-and-coming songwriters,” says Shultz on working with Duran.

Are you going to give this one a spin?

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