LITTRELL Hopes to Repair a Crumbling Relationship on New Single “Shark Week”

Combining layers of experimental noise amidst more straightforward pop tendencies

Haunting vocals sprinkled with melancholic lyrics unite to present, “Shark Week” the riveting new single by LITTRELL. Grappling with desires of rescuing a toxic relationship, the unit’s brainchild Lindsay Littrell (they/them) compares the agonies experienced to the vicious bites of a shark.

The track mirrors these emotions sonically by combining layers of experimental noise amidst more straightforward pop tendencies, making “Shark Week” a sonic sibling to tracks by Massive Attack or Portishead. Alongside ethereal vocals that offer a light contrast to the production styles, Lindsay Littrell’s sound gives similar imprints in the vein of iamamiwhoami or Lykke Li.

The first song to enter production in the Fall of 2022, the raw emotion the duo excavated through “Shark Week” became their benchmark as they went on to co-produce the seventeen other riveting pop songs that veer toward the abstract on this forthcoming debut album. LITTRELL recorded this cornerstone single along with all of their upcoming album, Public Love, at Garrett’s Indianapolis studio, Naptime Recordings.

Lindsay Littrell, the band’s brainchild, talks greater in depth behind the inspiration for “Shark Week”:

“I wrote this song in the middle of one hard night when I was 29. I was in the first year of my second marriage and was starting to recognize the inevitability of destruction. I was, as is obvious in the song, desperate for breakthrough, to save what I’d hoped we could have, and was calling on sources outside of myself for help.”

What do you think about this one?

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