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Leah Mason Shares Heartfelt New Pop Ballad “Midas Touch”

Finding power in her vulnerability

Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Leah Mason announces her debut album, Hexed, out July 26th, and presents the album’s third single, “Midas Touch.” 

Guided by sun-soaked indie-pop production, Leah’s vocals shine on her new heartfelt pop ballad. In contrast to her recent angst-driven anthems like “YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS” and “Klepto,” Leah finds power in her vulnerability on “Midas Touch.” 

“I feel like I have a talent for always being the one before THE one,” she writes. “When you know you’ve left someone a better person than you found them, it can just feel so unfair that someone else gets to reap the rewards. It’s felt like it’s been the year of engagements in my life, and it’s always particularly hard to see the person you once loved and taught how to love go on to build a life with someone else.”

Leah Mason has found her place in pop music and she’s here to stay. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter, who People Magazine heralded as “an undeniable talent,” has captured the hearts and ears of millions since she burst onto the scene in 2021.

Eager to continue developing her sound, she broke away from the familiar and ventured to Sweden last year to create her debut album, Hexed. Across the album’s 12 tracks, Leah peels back new layers of her artistry, showcasing a freshly minted pop-centric sound that blends diaristic storytelling with catchy melodies and uptempo, alt-pop production. Diving into themes of heartbreak, friendship breakups, love, loss, and everything in-between, she fearlessly explores the highs and lows of young adulthood with a playful yet unflinchingly honest touch. The album, featuring recent singles like “Midas Touch,” “YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS,” and “Klepto,” represents Leah’s most confident, raw, and real project to date.

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