Laura Pieri Presents Her Cinematic New Pop Music Video “Daughter of Demeter”

From her forthcoming 4-track EP, 'Frankie'

Multidisciplinary music & visual artist Laura Pieri presents the music video for her new single, “Daughter of Demeter.”

“Daughter of Demeter” continues to introduce the musical and visual world of Frankie, Pieri’s forthcoming 4-track EP, and the accompanying short film, out this Summer. Inspired by the story of the goddess Persephone, “Daughter of Demeter” is a mesmerizing, cinematic pop anthem. 

“I never really understood why I felt so connected to Persephone, the goddess and the myth. In my moments of deep despair, I always found myself calling to her energy,” Pieri explains. “This song, and video, are fantastical versions of what that feels like. They’re also a puzzle piece that fit into a larger picture of the story of a young girl coming to terms with her own self, her story, and who she is.”

The music video, which combines animation and live action, offers an empowering retelling of the Persephone story, reframing her as an ambitious, formidable character. Pieri elaborates: “The story as you know it describes her as a little girl, a victim, helpless in shaping her destiny, an innocent nymph stolen and imprisoned. Is that really how it went down? What if she wanted more than flowers? What if Hades was taken with her ambition? Impressed by her fire? She walks the gardens of Earth and her presence makes flowers bloom, but she skips, carefree, in the Underworld walking amongst the dead. She didn’t wait for anyone to rescue herShe could’ve been just a nymph, forgotten, but not Persephone. In death, she will be your queen. I like to think she giggles when she hears how the souls fear her husband, thinking: it is me who they should fear.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she lived until the age of 16, Laura Pieri always dreamed of being a pop star. In 2014, she moved to America and split her time between New York and Los Angeles to further her education and simultaneously pursue a music career. 

What do you think of Laura Pieri’s “Daughter of Demeter” video?

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