LA’s Cameron Leahy Readies Debut with New Mystical Indie Folk Classic “Monterey”

For Fans Of: The Shins, Tom Petty, Big Thief

LA songwriter Cameron Leahy has shared his mystical indie folk classic, “Monterey,” available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide. The track will be featured on Leahy’s debut full-length album, Dizzy Freedom, out June 7th.

“This isn’t as much about a specific story or place as it is about the allure of stories,” Cameron Leahy says of “Monterey.” “The narrator is looking for escapism, romanticizing places (past or present) and ideas. It’s funny to me, our tendency to do that, how fickle we can be. Our dreams hit the wall of reality. But getting lost in dreams is important sometimes. It can open your eyes to an alternate mindset.”

Leahy’s blend of indie rock and folk evokes a nomadic existence — wanderers moving across the desert, through the muggy south, up the coast and back into a vision of an ocean town mirage. On his forthcoming debut solo album, Dizzy Freedom, this haunting American landscape comes into glittering focus like a night sky. The characters in Leahy’s songs transmit ghostly guidance across a modern twilight zone. “I touched on something new/ It’s up to you.” It’s an apt mission statement for an artist writing songs that could just as easily have been dug up from the distant past as beamed in from a future traveler.

Dizzy Freedom was self-produced by Leahy in his southern California studio. It’s an intimate and equally expansive collection of songs from the gifted songwriter who started his career in the Virginia-based band, The Downtown Fiction, before beginning to write and self-produce in Los Angeles under his own moniker. The album, which in moments evokes the craft of artists like Neil Young and The Kinks, playfully twists the form into new territory, reimagining what it means to make music for a digital age, Leahy could just as easily be remarking on his own journey when he observes in the closing lines of “Monterey”: “Find yourself and you’re free.”

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