Kickback with Rui Gabriel’s New Slacker Rock Single “Summertime Tiger”

Tackles the slow, quiet summer as a service worker

Venezuelan-born, Indiana-based songwriter Rui Gabriel just announced his debut album, Compassion, out June 21st via Carpark Records, and presents a new single/video, “Summertime Tiger.” The announcement follows the release of his single from earlier this year, “Target.” The track features backup vocals from Stef Chura and is co-produced by Nicholas Corson (The Convenience, Video Age), and the video was directed by Jimmy Whispers and Zack Shorrosh.

The inviting and perceptive songs on Compassion all tackle growing up. It’s about how the older you get, your priorities shift, friendships evolve, and responsibilities become inescapable. For Gabriel, the changes in his own life, primary among them becoming a father, inspired him to write a solo full-length that sounds like nothing the indie rock journeyman has done before. Across 10 vibrant tracks that combine ethereal pop with slacker-rock and piano-driven dance music, it’s a galvanizing showcase of personal growth and the grace you give yourself to push forward.

“‘Summertime Tiger’ is sung from the point of view of someone who is not qualified at all to advise on healthy living, but does it anyway,” explains Gabriel. The song title is taken from the concept of a “regional tiger,” which is a period of intense growth that countries like South Korea and Ireland experienced at the turn of the 20th Century. Summer is the slowest time of the year for New Orleans and tons of service industry employees tend to both earn less money and work fewer hours, so the idea was that a ‘summertime tiger’ was the patronizing urge to encourage someone to work on themselves during a time when they’re practically unemployed.

How are you feeling about this one?

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