Jordan Suaste Champions Self-Acceptance and Queer Love in New Pop Anthem “Heaven”

For Fans Of: Troye Sivan, Sam Smith, Conan Gray

Pop singer/songwriter Jordan Suaste has shared his new self-acceptance and queer love song and visualizer “heaven,” available to stream now on YouTube and all DSPs worldwide via Position Music. The track comes ahead of his new EP maybe i already am, out September 6th. 

“’heaven’ is one of my top 3 favorite songs from my upcoming project, ‘maybe i already am’,” says Jordan. “I wrote it about a relationship I was in with someone whom I cared very deeply for. It’s about my experience with religion & how I feel about people saying “I’ll burn in hell” because of who I love. I feel like hell would be more fun, since that’s where all my friends will apparently be.”  

With an undeniably radiant and uplifting personality, it’s easy to see why 23-year-old Jordan Suaste and his dedicated fans lean into the saying: ‘change the world with a smile’.

Championing themes of self-worth in his music, Suaste recognizes and embraces the value in individuals, no matter where they are in life. The high-school dropout— and once homeless struggling musician— has lifted himself into a bonafide rising artist who always stays true to his unique DIY mentality. By utilizing his natural gifts to craft authentic and vulnerable pop music, Suaste has quickly created personal connections with a dedicated fan base through his music.

Suaste’s previous single “Love Who You Want To” officially kicked off maybe i already am. The project thoughtfully reflects on the essence of self-love; not being hard on yourself for past disappointments, nor dwelling in dissatisfaction with who you think you should already be. “This whole project is about me realizing that maybe I already am special,” he asserts. “Maybe I don’t need to keep longing to be special, because maybe I already am, you know? Maybe I just have to love the parts of me that are.”

How are you feeling about “Heaven”?

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