Japan’s Chocolate Inc. is Jumping Into Anime with Its First Film ‘KILLTUBE’

Set to release in Spring 2026

Japanese company Chocolate Inc. is stepping into the world of anime with its first film, KILLTUBE, set to release in spring 2026. The film introduces viewers to a parallel world where Tokyo’s Shibuya and Shinjuku districts exist under the rule of the Edo shogunate, isolated from the rest of the world for over four centuries.

In this society, social standing can only be changed through duel battles streamed on KILLTUBE. The story follows an unlikely trio from the lowest ranks of society as they defy expectations and aim for the top. Along the way, they uncover the hidden truths behind the KILLTUBE system, captivating the public’s attention with their victories.

To bring this unique world to life, Chocolate Inc. is employing cutting-edge technology, including 3D CGI to recreate the look of shin-hanga, vibrant Showa period woodblock prints. With a budget of 1 billion yen (about US$6.6 million), the company is collaborating with up-and-coming VFX studio KASSEN and concept artist group WACHAJACK.

The film’s talented team includes director Kazuaki Kuribayashi and a roster of skilled individuals handling various aspects of production, from scriptwriting to music composition and CG animation. The project is part of Chocolate Inc.’s “108 Experiments” initiative, aimed at exploring innovative ways to create and present original stories while generating revenue.

Furthermore, the company is actively seeking creators and partners to contribute to the KILLTUBE project, emphasizing collaboration and creativity in their approach.

Overall, KILLTUBE promises to be an exciting addition to the anime world, blending elements of action, intrigue, and social commentary within its visually stunning world. With its ambitious vision and talented team behind the scenes, Chocolate Inc. aims to make a splash in the anime industry with its debut film.

Does KILLTUBE pique your interest?

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