Herdd Experiences A Rebirth On New Album ‘Afterlife’

A mirage of brooding electro-pop

HERDD is proud to share his debut album Afterlife. Coming on the heels of the bass-thumping titular track “Afterlife” and frenzied second single “Paranoia”, the new album is now available on most streaming platforms.

A mirage of brooding electro-popAfterlife is an immersive experience documenting HERDD’s struggles and successes in overcoming various mental health crises. By shedding his exoskeleton and forgiving himself for past mistakes, the new album’s eleven original tracks serve as a cathartic and relatable tale. With the help of Chris Anderson (The Backstreet Boys, Nick Lachey, Justin Bieber), the new album Afterlife  was produced by HERDD from late 2022 to late 2023, and mastered by Chris towards the back end of 2023. Throughout the album, we see a reinvention of sorts with Frankie Cote at the helm- navigating the listener towards self-acceptance and freedom with his healing tunes.

As Afterlife unfolds, there are three main themes that HERDD navigates the listener through. The first half of the album expresses Frankie Cote’s struggles with addiction, anxiety, and depression, and the steps taken to recover. Tracks like “Air Guitar” lean into the hardships of hookup culture in the face of the aforementioned adversities. As the album progresses, we see HERDD learn to build healthier boundaries by ditching problematic relationships. Songs like “Go Away” highlight these clarities in the form of sassy, yet powerful lyrics. 

Frankie Cote aka HERDD, speaks in greater depth about the inspiration behind the album:

“The album’s title, ‘Afterlife’, speaks to the main themes of the project; facing ourselves with honesty, self-discovery, facing fear and rebirth as the person we were always meant to be (the one you were at the start). An ‘Afterlife’ in this case is the life where you have shed the skin of who you learned to be, and you return to being the person you were at the start.”

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