Early Internet Ponders Ways to Numb the Overthinking On New Album ‘Ruminator’

Eight tracks filled with uplifting indie rock melodies

Early Internet is proud to share their sophomore album Ruminator. Coming on the heels of  “Keep My Mouth Out Of Your Name” and title track “Ruminator”, the new album is now available on most streaming platforms.

Spanning across eight tracks filled with uplifting indie rock melodies, Ruminator is a perfect soundtrack to a sunny afternoon. Paired with fuzzy guitar tones and poised vocals, the new album invites the listener into an aural landscape in the vein of artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Death Cab for Cutie, and Day Wave. With themes throughout that focus on ruminating fears, anxieties, and the ways in which to cope with them, Ruminator  is a cathartic experience for those relating to it.

Written mainly in Stafford’s apartment by himself over the course of 2021 to 2023, Ruminator further came to life with the help of keyboardist Devon Corey and drummer Ben Masters. The album was recorded shortly after at Corey’s home studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

Dean Stafford, the frontman of Early Internet, speaks in greater depth about the inspiration behind Ruminator and certain tracks:

“Key themes of the album include ruminating thoughts, anxiety, panic and fear and learning to navigate, accept, cope and live with those attributes in healthy ways. You can find this in songs like “Ruminator” and “7 Sided Room” most prominently, but there are also songs that describe the feelings in different ways like what it might feel like to be a young woman coming out to their parents on “Tell Them All Yes” or secret, forbidden love where you’re afraid to get caught on “Contraband”. “Pan Am Smile” wraps it up nicely, because it lyrically leaves on a positive and optimistic note about taking your power back.”

Are you going to give this one a chance?

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