Courtney Farren Readies Debut Album with New Bedroom Pop Gem “Fear”

Showcasing Phoebe Bridgers-esque vocal delivery

Indie songwriter Courtney Farren has just shared her new self-produced single “Fear.” The track comes from the LA artist’s forthcoming debut album Punchlines, out independently on June 28th. “Fear” showcases Phoebe Bridgers-esque vocal delivery beautifully melded with whimsical, summery indie-pop instrumentation. Unlike its cheerful & carefree sound, “Fear’s” subject matter is dark & uncomfortable. 

“Fear is uncomfortable, and this song is my attempt to unpack that,” says Farren. “I constantly struggle to understand and confront life in real time. I’m always asking myself, ‘how did I get here?’ There’s a lot of responsibility in being human, and I think fear fundamentally drives a lot of our actions and decisions. Putting this song into the world, after writing and producing it in my room, is my attempt to confront my fear of ‘Fear.’”

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Courtney Farren has spent her life wandering. Having moved more times than she can count, Farren’s lack of a true hometown provides her with a unique perspective. This lifelong journey led her to stages worldwide, from Harlem to Paris, Dublin to Los Angeles.

With over a decade of experience writing and honing her craft, Courtney is unapologetically candid about her experiences and is determined to make her mark. Her latest releases embody her storytelling, quick wit, and introspective nature. These songs, along with her collaboration with BØRNS on their song “Together Together,” will play a part in forming her first full length record out in June.

What do you think of Courtney Farren’s new single “Fear”?

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