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CA’s Swim Surreal Release Sultry New Single “Don’t Call It Love”

In The Half Light is set for release on June 21st

Swim Surreal present their next single, “Don’t Call It Love,” taken from their highly anticipated debut album, In The Half Light, set for release on June 21st via Make Records.

“We wrote ‘Don’t Call It Love’ with Swim Surreal in 2013,” says Zero 7. “We loved it and put out a 12″ version on a white label. A few people heard it and said they liked it too. We were chuffed…Fast forward a lifetime or two… we kept in touch with our friend out on the West Coast and continued to bounce ideas back and forth. At some point, it dawned on us that the music we were making was a continuation of what had sparked with ‘Don’t Call It Love.’ When it came to putting the Swim Surreal album together, we felt we had to include this track. It was the seed of the project that we had unknowingly planted way back when.”

“Don’t Call It Love” follows the seductive “Bloom” and the captivating single, “The Crowd,” which is a West Country/West Coast love affair with bittersweet self-reflection that has caught the attention of many tastemaker radio stations in America garnering strong airplay nationwide.

Swim Surreal’s upcoming debut album, In the Half Light, transports listeners to another time, place, and mental space. Nine songs telling a tale that began in the half-light and, somehow, resides there still.

How are we feeling about this one?

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