Blondie Meets Gwen Stefani in Blondestandard's New Single "FREAKIN OUT" | Latest Buzz | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Blondie Meets Gwen Stefani in Blondestandard’s New Single “FREAKIN OUT”

A powerful statement of reclaiming identity and artistry

Multifaceted artist and alt-pop riser blondestandard has shared her new single, “FREAKIN OUT.” The song is her comeback track after a two year long battle with cancer, and it dives into the complexities of human emotions, focusing on the tumultuous experiences of love, loss, hope, and despair, and particularly the intense dynamics of falling for a musician.

“FREAKIN OUT” goes beyond a simple return to music; it’s a powerful statement of reclaiming identity and artistry, showcasing the unbreakable spirit of a woman who has faced her darkest moments and emerged stronger.

Blondestandard, also known as Caroline Grace Vein, truly embodies what it means to set the standard. Born and raised in the vibrant cultural landscape of LA, Caroline’s early exposure to the eclectic mix of sounds and stories within the city’s entertainment scene has deeply influenced her artistic journey. This journey took a dramatic turn with a challenging cancer diagnosis shortly after releasing her first two singles, transforming her path not only into a battle for health but a profound period of artistic and personal growth. Through two years of adversity, Vein channeled her creativity into writing and recording through her treatment, deepening her craft and connection to music.

Her sound, a dynamic fusion of alternative rock tinged with pop sensibility and enriched by funk grooves, reflects the depth of Vein’s eclectic influences and her personal evolution. Defined by authenticity and emotional depth, blondestandard stands out as a distinctive voice in the indie music scene.

Are you vibing with blondestandard’s “FREAKIN OUT”?

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