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Basile3 Shares His Addictive New Club Anthem “Love Machine”

A refreshing take on hyperspeed electro

Basile3’s sugary addictive track “Love Machine,” is a refreshing take on hyperspeed electro, adorned in euphoric trance synths and minimalist techno productions. With the help of singer Daisy Ray’s energetic punky vocals, Basile3 provides his take on how a bright modern club anthem should sound like.

43°C, the debut LP by French electronic producer Basile3, is the result of a decade of cultivating a musical identity that focuses on hybridization, sonic recycling, and playfulness. The enigmatic title “43°C” signifies a haze of bliss (4+3=7, the producer’s lucky number) backdropped by the ecological state of a world that’s grown slightly but surely warmer. In this anticipation fiction, Basile3 offers a soundtrack that is an exploration of urban electronic music, minimalist techno and lo-fi house. The French producer warmly invites listeners to his state of mind, blooming with genre-bending floating soundscapes.

Basile3 is a young French producer, his universe mixes styles and BPMs, between bass music infused with rap and contemporary r’n’b sounds to more introspective and contemplative music. He has been producing for years a singular, rich, sensual and cold music.

Are you vibing with Basile3’s “Love Machine”?

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