Alt-Rock Faves Flor Don’t Care What You Think of Them on New Single “Kick It”

A fuzzed out, knobs dialed all the way up type of track

First Hood River, Oregon’s, now the world’s alt-rock darlings, flor, released their newest single “Kick It.” A fuzzed out, knobs dialed all the way up type of track, “Kick It” tells judgmental onlookers to shove it and be on their way. A more confident, provocative take from flor, the band continues showing their vast songwriting range as they explore the joy of their newfound creative independence.

Vocalist Zach Grace shares that, “This song is weird because it’s inspired by so many different experiences. It’s tied to the real world by the bridge which is just an affirmation to my partner who blazes their own trail. When ditching the status quo, trying things your own way can leave you isolated and alone. You have to remember that the eyes of onlookers don’t have to elicit feelings of judgment, but instead can be a gift of encouragement and awe. And if it is from a space of judgment, well that’s their issue to sort out, not yours.”

Continuing, “It’s also inspired very loosely by ‘Into The Spider-Verse.’ I took my own interpretation and inspiration from the film and created a character in my head that is so ridiculously cool that people just can’t understand the weight of them. I wrote them this song.”

Last month, flor starred in The Noise’s first episode of their new video series titled Something Loud. Filmed in Los Angeles – with the help from Betawave Media – flor performed their singles “Every Night,” “Warm Blood Pt 2,” “No More Time,” and “Gotta Do Something” to showcase what “loud” means to them.

The end of 2023 saw flor join their friends in The Maine for a massive North American tour, selling out almost every single date. Over the coming months, flor will continue to ride their current wave of inspiration with more new music on the way.

What do you think of “Kick It” from flor?

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