Alt-Pop Band Valley Release Hopeful New Title Track “Water The Flowers, Pray For A Garden”

A song about love and loss

Alternative-pop band Valley – comprised of Rob Laska (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Alex Dimauro (Bass) and Karah James (Vocals, Drums) – have released hopeful new title track along with the announcement of their third full-length album Water the Flowers, Pray for a Garden, arriving August 30 through Capitol Records/Universal Music Canada.

“’Water The Flowers, Pray For A Garden’ is a song about love and loss. It touches on the classic idea that nobody is going to make you happier than yourself, and sometimes we take ourselves too seriously to the point where we become unhappy,” Karah describes with optimism. “Everything feels like a bigger deal than it really is or ever should be. Sometimes the best thing we can do is just laugh at ourselves and let it go.” 

“Water the Flowers, Pray for a Garden” follows “When You Know Someone,” which was released last month and debuted as Valley’s highest streamed songs in its first week of release.  

“Water the Flowers, Pray For A Garden” was written in the same session as Valley’s viral hit, “Like 1999” which moved them to take a more pop leaning direction that they pursued with gusto on 2021’s Last Birthday and last year’s Lost in Translation“We had these two paths that we previously didn’t know we had,” Karah reflects on the discovery of the old song, “this feels like us. It feels like a path that finally feels like Valley.”

The title track captures the spirit of the whole record and was the song that inspired working on a larger project. After reworking the song, its overall message sparked a cascade of some of the band’s most authentic songwriting that sprawls across every song. Water the Flowers, Pray For A Garden is a brave exploration of the full spectrum of emotions with an invitation to also surrender control and trust the process.

What do you think of their latest offering?

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