Alt-Pop Artist Jenny Newman Shares Grungy New Single “Mother’s Porcelain”

Exploring words of affirmantion

Mother’s Porcelain” is the first single off Jenny Newman’s Sophomore EP.  Each song on the EP draws from one of the five love languages, with this track exploring words of affirmation. The song vividly portrays a tumultuous relationship where she serves as a pillar of reassurance for her self-doubting partner. With haunting harmonies and grunge-inspired guitar riffs reminiscent of ‘90s icons, the track exudes a dark, moody atmosphere. Newman’s sultry vocals add depth to the narrative, urging her partner to confront their vulnerabilities and find inner strength. The poignant refrain, ‘pick up the pieces, maybe you’ll see you’re in your own way,’ lingers.

Newman’s sound is vulnerable and evocative. Because she views her approach as being similar to that of a novelist, it seems fitting that she comes from a family of writers—a knack for vivid imagery is in her blood. “I like to draw upon things that I’ve been through, personal stories or observations, document those in my journal, and then come back later to make inferences and find larger meanings,” she says.

The Connecticut-born, Los Angeles-based songwriter experiences release through music. She gravitated towards the medium as a child, while learning to co-exist with a brittle bone condition; because she wasn’t allowed to play contact sports, Newman spent her youth singing, dancing and being babysat at a gospel church after school. “I was really inspired by the powerful singers in the choir and it resonated with me how they told stories through songs,” she says.

Newman is currently working on a full-length, and plans to tour both the United States and abroad over the course of 2024. She’s well on the way to seeing her dream of selling out stadiums and positively impacting other peoples’ lives come true.

What do you think of Jenny Newman’s latest offering “Mother’s Porcelain”?

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