Australian Punk Rock Icons The Saints Getting a New ‘(I’m) Stranded’ Box Set

The set is focused on their seminal first album

Ed Kuepper and his iconic Australian punk band, The Saints, will be honored with a box set, the set will include the band’s seminal first album (I’m) Stranded from 1977 as well as being chock full of singles and live performances. The release date by In The Red Recordings is set for November 15, 2024.

Along with the remastered original album, the set will include a five-song live performance from Paddington Town Hall, Sydney April 3rd,1977 appearing on vinyl for the first time; a full live performance from the Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival, London, November 1977, also appearing on vinyl for the first time; all three tracks from 1977 This Perfect Day 12” single and all four tracks from 1977 1-2-3-4 double 7” single and the previously unreleased 1976 demo mix of the full (I’m) Stranded album.

“It’s been an exhausting yet thrilling process being involved in the creation of this box set,” Kuepper said in a press statement. “It’s been 51 years in the making and has possibly turned out even better than I anticipated. It’s by far the most extensive appraisal of the band, both aurally and visually, that has ever been made available and hopefully reveals some things people may not have known about the band.”

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the writing of (I’m) Stranded and the 50th anniversary of Kuepper’s career as a live performer. And in celebration of it all, The Saints are actually reforming in celebration of the box set release under the aegis The Saints ’73-’78. Joining original members Kuepper and drummer Ivor Hay will be honorary Saints; vocalist Mark Arm of Seattle’s pioneering Mudhoney, bassist Peter Oxley of Sunnyboys fame, and former The Birthday Party / Bad Seeds guitarist Mick Harvey.

The Saints’ (I’m) Stranded 4LP box set is out November 15th and you pre-order here.

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