A New Documentary About Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios is Coming

Release date set for August 9, 2024

Electric Lady Studios in New York, created by Jimi Hendrix back in the ’60s, is still considered one of the most coveted recording studios in the world.

Now, Electric Lady Studios: A Jimi Hendrix Vision, a new documentary from Experience Hendrix LLC directed by John McDermott, who also helmed 2022’s ‘Music, Money, Madness: Jimi Hendrix Live In Maui, is to open at The Quad in New York City on August 9th. A global rollout will follow, distributed by Abramorama.

Among the many artists who have subsequently used Electric Lady Studios are Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, David Bowie, U2, Prince, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, D’Angelo, The Clash, Chic, Taylor Swift, and AC/DC.

The documentary chronicles the building of what became the first ever artist-owned commercial recording studio, in the heart of Manhattan – although Hendrix had originally envisioned Electric Lady as a nightclub and jam space.

“Jimi loved jamming at The Generation nightclub in the Village and when it went bankrupt, he and [manager] Mike Jeffery purchased it with a view to making it a place for him and his friends to relax and possibly record their jams on an 8-track tape machine in the corner,” explains Hendrix’s engineer and long-time collaborator Eddie Kramer, a key contributor to the documentary.

“The club idea was scratched, and Electric Lady Studios was born. By June of the next year [1970] Studio A was completed and after a few test sessions, Jimi came in to record in his studio. Man, was he proud of it. He loved the way it sounded and its vibe. We recorded many tracks for a new album over the next four months, which became The Cry Of Love. The legacy of what Jimi wanted endures to this day: a place where one could create without being interrupted. Every artist who comes to Electric Lady Studios feels the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, a spirit that helps them create their own music!”

A global rollout for Hendrix’s documentary, Electric Lady Studios: A Jimi Hendrix Vision, will follow its initial opening.

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