Adi Oasis : DC9 Nightclub

Soulful. Funky. Sexy. Fierce. Just a few words to describe Adi Oasis, her new album, and her amazing live performance in DC.

The French-Caribbean bassist, singer, and producer closed out her U.S. tour with a sold-out show at DC9 (Psst… her European tour begins on May 28th). She performed songs from her new album, Lotus Glow, a very cool melding of jazz, funk, and neo-soul, that had the audience singing and dancing. She wrapped it up with a perfect cover of Crystal Waters’ “Gypsy Women.” I still can’t get that song out of my head, and you know you know it. La Da Dee La Da Da, La Da Dee La Da Da. It was so SO good.

À mon tour
Like red to violet, move
And I’ll take the pilot seat, you
Ain’t never given me nothing, move
I’m just tryna say something

“red To Violet”

Be sure to catch her on tour if you can. She’s headed to Europe now and back in the U.S. for a few more shows. https://adioasis.com

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