Two of Little Feat’s Seminal Albums Getting Deluxe Reissues

It's 'Sailin’ Shoes' and 'Dixie Chicken' getting the extra treatment

When you ask Little Feat fans to name the band’s favorite albums, they have a hard time doing it, but the two albums that often come to the top are two of their earlier ones – Sailin’ Shoes (second) and Dixie Chicken (third).

Now, both albums have been newly remastered for Deluxe Editions that will introduce unreleased live and studio recordings. The expanded editions arrive via Rhino on June 23, 2023, each on 2-CD or 3-LP 180-gram vinyl. Along with the announcement, two previously unreleased tracks have been made available, “Sailin’ Shoes (Demo)” and “Dixie Chicken (Alternate Version).”

As far as Sailin Shoes reissue is concerned, it contains several outtakes from the album’s recording sessions that make their debut here, including alternate versions of “Cold, Cold, Cold” and “A Apolitical Blues.” Also, the magic that Little Feat conjured in concert takes center stage in the new set with a newly discovered and previously unreleased complete show recorded at the Palladium in Los Angeles on August 28, 1971. This live set marks the only multi-track recording to feature the band’s original lineup.

The Dixie Chicken deluxe edition features several unreleased session recordings, including alternate versions of “Roll Um Easy,” “On Your Way Down,” and “Juliette.” The unreleased live music was recorded at Paul’s Mall in Boston on March 1, 1973. They feature songs from Dixie Chicken (“Two Trains,” “Walkin’ All Night”) and the band’s earlier albums.

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