The ‘Rolling Stones Chronicles’ Shorts Series is Now Available

'Chronicles' consists of six documentary shorts

Six documentary shorts titled Rolling Stones Chronicles is now available on the ABKCO Films Vevo-hosted YouTube channel. As Universal Music’s official site reports, the collection, co-produced by BBC Motion Gallery and ABKCO, consists of six documentary shorts, each one taking a different hit song from the band’s 1960s era as its soundtrack.

The report notes that the music is combined with thematically relevant interview clips with the Stones and other contemporaneous historical figures, interspersed with historical documentary footage of related world events of the era. The episodes will appear every Thursday between February 9 and March 16, with Episode 1 – “The Last Time” now available to view.

The film centers on the Stones’ 1965 hit single of that name, released in February in the UK, where it went to No.1, and March in the US, where it made No.9. It explains the deep influence that early rock’n’roll and Chicago blues had on the band and the irony that the British Invasion effectively sold American culture back to its country of origin.

The episode features footage of B.B. King, Little Richard, and many of the Stones’ other heroes. We also hear Marshall Chess, of the Chess Records family dynasty, recounting the story of meeting the Londoners and inviting them to record in Chicago. Another highlight of Episode 1 is Keith Richards describing the famous day he ran into Mick Jagger on a train, the latter clutching seminal (but largely unknown at the time) R&B and blues records. He recalls thinking: “What you’ve got under your arm is worth robbing.”

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