Rewind, Is a New App that Envisions Musical Time Travel

An easier way to explore the top songs of decades past

Tech Crunch reports that a new app called Rewind is set “to make it easier for music fans to explore the top songs of decades past. Hoping to cater to consumer demand for nostalgic music experiences, Rewind allows users to “time travel” through the music charts from 1960 through 2010 to learn about how older songs have influenced today’s hits.”

The app was built by developer Ziad Al Halabi, whose day job involves mobile app development at music streaming service TIDAL. The developer says he enjoys working on music apps, having earlier launched an audio player for musicians, Backtrackit, which gained some 2 million installs.

Initially, Rewind was supposed to be just a personal weekend project, but it turned into a full-blown project that has the goal to offer a portal to explore the older tunes that once ruled the top charts.

The app seems to be particularly aimed at the so-called Gen Z, with whom nostalgia seems to be currently trending. Also, users can explore the music from a given year by top albums and top music videos, in addition to growing the top Billboard charts.

Also, Rewind features a “news” section that includes major events and moments from the year in question. It also includes ads that give it a retro feel.

For a bit of fun, the app leveraged ChatGPT to write short reviews for music albums in its “Weekly Discovery” feature and used the AI technology to put together mixtapes for different years by asking ChatGPT questions like “can you make me a mixtape of 90’s best guitar riffs?”

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