New Wave Pioneers Devo Subject of a New Documentary

Devo one of the new wave pioneers is going to be the subject of a new full-length documentary film.

As a number of sources report, simply titled Devo, the documentary will be directed by Chris Smith (American Movie, Fyre, Tiger King). Executive producers are BMG, Fremantle Documentaries, and Warner Music Entertainment. This will be the first-ever fully authorized film about the new wave group.

The film will present a mixture of interviews and archival footage, and it will explore the group’s formation in the wake of the Kent State massacre, Devo’s years as outsiders in the music scene, their breakout moment with “Whip It,” and the faithful fandom they’ve maintained. The film is currently in production.

In a statement, Smith explained why he was compelled to direct the documentary, saying, “Devo was a huge influence on me. Their approach to music, film, video, and art was something I had never seen before and was one of the truly formative artistic influences that showed me there were entirely new ways to look at things.”

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