Cosm Bot, a New Chatbot is Trained to Be a Music Production Expert

The chatbot is trained on 1000 hours of online tutorials

As Music Radar reports, plugin developer Algonaut has trained an AI on 1000 hours of music production tutorials from musician, educator, and YouTuber Tom Cosm to create Cosm Bot, a chatbot geared towards answering questions related to music production.

Algonaut’s team has prepared a special video to introduce Cosm Bot, where it is introduced as “the first audio producer to be transformed into AI”, and declaring that it’s “here 24/7 to answer your questions on audio production, DJing, or whatever’s on your mind.”

Algonaut is the brand behind Atlas, a plugin that uses AI to analyze and organize libraries of drum samples to produce customized drum kits. The software is built on Algonaut’s SoundClass AI system, which has been created using “customized neural networks, deep learning, and tailored audio analysis techniques”.

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