A Previously Unreleased Hüsker Dü Live Album is on its Way

The album presents the seminal post-punk band’s shows from the 1979-80 period

Hüsker Dü recorded some of the best post-punk albums to date and was also known for fierce live shows, particularly in the band’s early stage.

As a number of sources report, a number of those shows were recorded at Minneapolis, MN’s Longhorn Bar in the period between July 1979 and September 1980 and will form the core of the so far unreleased live album that will finally see the light of day.

The album is called Tonite LONGHORN and it’s getting a limited edition 2xLP black vinyl release on Record Store Day (4/22), followed by a digital release on August 25 via the band’s own Reflex Records. The first single is an early performance of “Do You Remember?,” which was recorded for the band’s first demo and later released as an Everything Falls Apart bonus track and on Numero Group’s 2017 Savage Young Dü box set.

Bob Mould says, “[m]ost artists begin their careers by looking to their heroes for inspiration. Tonite LONGHORN is a comprehensive overview of three teenagers paying homage, experimenting with different genres, and — most importantly — building a foundation for future things. We knew what we had: good chemistry, great melodies and harmonies, and an overabundance of young (and sometimes dumb) enthusiasm. We knew we were different, and we knew we were on to something different.”

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