Video Premiere: Emo Punk Band Good Terms Drop Off their New Video for “Old Friend” (24-Hour Exclusive)


Today we’re happy to present to you guys the latest single and music video from Los Angeles-based emo punk band Good Terms.

“Old Friend” is a catchy song about being estranged from someone very close to you and the journey that it takes to learn how to choose forgiveness. Hitting on all the best elements of great emo punk and delivering a genuinely funny, satirical take on those cliché pharmaceutical commercials with its accompanying video.

“My family and I weren’t on speaking terms for most of the pandemic over a stupid argument that I wasted two years of my life being upset about. ‘Old Friend’ was written toward the end of this conflict as I was working through many of my own issues & building up the courage to try to resolve it.” – Zach Boucher

This quartet embraces the D.I.Y. spirit of the scene they grew up in by recording, producing, and mixing all of their music. Good Terms maintains a diverse sonic palette that spans from anthemic emo pop to blistering double time hardcore, with a sprinkle of everything you know and love from the scene universe.

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