SoundCloud Opens a Specialized Service for Artists

The service is called ‘SoundCloud For Artists’

Digital Music News reports that the SoundCloud streaming service has retooled its artist dashboard. 

Under the name ‘SoundCloud for Artists,’ the service has folded over into it’s subsidiary Repost Network which it acquired in 2019.

SoundCloud for Artists, for its part, is expected to serve as creators’ “centralized home for all things distribution, promotion, monetization, and more,” according to the namesake service, which earlier this month finalized a partnership with Björn Ulvaeus-founded credits and collaboration platform Session.

Consequently, said SoundCloud creators’ “existing tracks and releases have already been automatically migrated” to the new dashboard; SoundCloud for Artists plans cost the same as the platform’s old subscription options, but have been renamed.

The free SoundCloud Basic has become “Next,” for instance, whereas higher-ups are describing Repost ($2.50 per month) as “Next Plus” and Pro Unlimited ($12 per month) as “Next Pro.” As these packages’ titles and SoundCloud’s recent expansions suggest, the company has “set the stage for what’s next, with new products, features, and services to come,” higher-ups made clear.

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